CAT ENERGY – Professional nutrition for cats.

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Functional nutrition for cats

Got in shape? Get your cat in shape too!

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Main programs

Loosing weight

Your cat got heavier than the dog and lost the ability to climb the trees? It is time for the diet! Cat Energy Slim will help your pet to lose weight.

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Gaining weight

Earn respect among street cats and even dogs? Cat Energy Pro series will help your cat to gain essential muscles!

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How this works

  • Functional nutrition contains only healthy nutrients.
  • Produced in the form of powder, to which you just add boiling water and that is it.
  • Change one or two portions of your usual meal with our functional nutrition.
  • Just in a month you will enjoy a better look of your cat.

Real example

Boris lost 5kg in 2 months just having his usual meal changed with Cat Energy Slim. Perfect result without painful exercise! Moreover he didn't change his habits and still sleeps around 16 hours per day.

5 kg Loosing weight
60 days Time spent

Money spent on nutrition: 15 000 RUB

Boris beforeBoris after
Boris beforeBoris after

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